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AGM manufactures environmental control hardware for the container industry to protect sensitive products, such as missiles, engines, and sophisticated electronics, from the ravages of humidity, pressure, vacuum, dust, shock, vibration and breakage during the storage and transportation process. Environmental control hardware products include: Breather Valves, Desiccators, Humidity Indicators, Records Holders, Shock Indicators, Tie Down Straps, Access Ports, Immersion Proof Breathers, Drum and Tank Vent Dryers, and Tie Down Shelving.

AGM is also a stocking distributor of packaged (Desi Pak clay, Sorb It and Tri Sorb) and bulk (silica gel, molecular sieve and activated alumina) desiccant products, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) packaging products and Shock Recorders monitoring products. These products are primarily used to protect the contents in packaged products during transportation and storage.

Finally, AGM manufactures a portable wheelchair lift to assist people with disabilities to access stages in public facilities, such as schools and convention centers. These lifts meet the applicable sections of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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